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Joyce Blok Classic Facials

Our classic facials are custom-made for each client's individual needs according to their specific skin types and concerns.

Express Facial $47 30mins

Perfect for busy people, this treatment has been created to offer maximum beauty results in a minimum amount of time. This effective, professional facial includes cleansing, exfoliation and the application of a treatment mask to keep skin looking healthy and radiant.

Classic Facial $92 60mins

A tailor-made treatment to suit the specific requirements of your skin. This facial includes cleansing, exfoliation, facial massage and a selected mask, to offer a refreshed, revitalised complexion. To be used in conjunction with the Essential Care homecare range.

Anti-ageing Classic Facial $107 60mins

Ideal for mature skins, or those concerned with premature ageing, this facial treatment provides an advanced professional solution for your clients to help minimise and prevent the visible signs of ageing whilst also defending against free-radical damage.

Men's Energizing Facial $92 60mins

This men's only treatment begins with a 'tension release' back,neck & shoulder massage, followed by a facial to De-congest and calm the skin. Active ingredients assist skin repair and defend against daily pollutants to leave the complexion visibly clear, relaxed and hydrated.

Joyce Blok Deluxe Facials

Deluxe facials include a specialized, active beauty concentrate (from the 10-Day Solution range) along with the application of a vitamin C antioxidant serum.

Deluxe Harmonizing Facial $122 75mins

Perfect to soothe sensitive and reactive skins, this gentle, calming treatment includes a relaxing massage and mask to relieve stressed complexions and reduce signs of hypersensitivity such as dryness, tightness and discomfort.

Deluxe Oxygenating Facial $122  75mins

Both oily and dry skin can appear lacklustre, so this facial can be adapted to breathe new life into tired, dull complexions, and restore radiance and vitality. It instantly provides clients with a healthy, luminous glow - with even greater improvement after a course of treatments.

Deluxe Antioxidant Facial $122 75mins

This antioxidant enriched treatment helps to defend skin against environmental damage and premature ageing by neutralizing harmful free -radicals. The restorative benefits of vitamin C also work to brighten the complexion and support collagen synthesis.

Joyce Blok - Specialized Treatment Facials

Our Unique Specialized Treatments are an all round popular for those who need a deeper more intense treatment.

Alpha-Beta Peel Radiance Facial POA 45 mins

(A patch test is required and a thorough consultation)
This treatment is PERFECT for the winter months, for those cold rainy days and nights ahead. This will be the best time to give dull skin a rejuvenating boost. The Alpha-Beta Peel will help regulate the skin pigmentation process and reveal a radiant and more even complexion! Our AHA which is also called glycolic acid and BHA called salicylic acid are used in our Peels which treat a variety of skin conditions. The peel removes a very thin layer of skin, which in turn promotes to renew a softer, smoother skin type!You will definitely see a remarkable improvement after a 6 course treatment of our fabulous Peel!

Alpha-Beta Peel PLUS Radiance Facial POA 45 mins

(A patch test is requires and a thorough consultation)
This is our next step up from the Alpha-Beta Peel Radiance. This treatment is only available if you have had the first peel, and your skin reacts perfectly to the treatment and you were wanting to go further! This Peel has a higher percentage which works into the deeper layers of the skin, which will leave your skin glowing!

Note: prices subject to change without notice


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